Mango 1:1

Infused with a naturally balanced flower rosin, containing a native 1:1 ratio of CBD and THC



Introducing our newest CBD-rich 1:1 (2.5mg CBD:2.5mg THC) flower rosin infused Delights.

This recipe possesses the naturally balanced cannabinoids as they exist in the source flower. Other edibles commonly use lower quality isolates to achieve a desired ratio. Rose feels that the chemical compounds of the flower have a better interaction with our biology when left in their most natural state. These Delights are the very first “native ratio” 1:1 of their kind.

The mango used for this recipe is a seasonal California-grown Keitt mango left to ripen and pureed in the Rose kitchen. California Keitt mango has a lighter color and more layered tropical flavor profile compared to other mango varieties. Add to all that, seasonal mango contains one of the most dominant terpenes in marijuana, myrcene. Mangoes’ myrcene is said to enable the cannabinoids to more easily go through the blood-brain barrier. This can provide quicker, prolonged, and more enhanced highs when combining mangoes and flower into one.


2.5mg THC

2.5mg CBD



water, tapioca syrup, cane sugar, mango, non-gmo potato starch, MCT coconut oil, cannabis flower rosin, non-gmo citric acid, kosher salt, coating: tapioca starch, powdered sugar

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