Shop THC Rose Delights edibles with solventless flower rosin


Turkish Delight-style edibles infused with rosin extracted by hand from whole, single-strain cannabis flower. Our core Delights feature locally sourced ingredients we can offer year-round without relying on a seasonal yield to address a range of preferences: sativa, hybrid, indica, and native cbd rich strains.

Apple Ume Ginger - Hybrid Apple Ume Ginger - Hybrid
Apple Ume Ginger - Hybrid
Gravenstein apple cider is blended with a tart and floral Ume Plum syrup from Oakland-based Yumé Boshi. Finished with fresh pressed ginger juice for a little touch of spice. Infused with Sunshine #4 hybrid flower rosin grown at the Rose Farm.
Rose Hibiscus - Sativa Rose Hibiscus - Sativa
Rose Hibiscus - Sativa
An aromatic and bright floral experience that’s the sum of two parts: organic rose water and organic hibiscus flower. Infused with Super Lemon Mac sativa strain grown at the Rose Farm.
Mango 1:1 Mango 1:1
Mango 1:1
Our CBD-rich 1:1 (2.5mg CBD:2.5mg THC) flower rosin infused Delights. This recipe possesses the naturally balanced cannabinoids as they exist in the source flower. These Delights are the very first “native ratio” 1:1 of their kind.
Deep Sleep Deep Sleep
Deep Sleep
Our first mood state product developed specifically to improve sleep. Infused with Holy Tonic 1:5 (CBD:THC) flower rosin from Rose Farm. The calming properties of passionflower and vanilla provide additional flavor components, as well as the round sweetness of mulberries.

Delights are made in-house by our San Francisco team, from fruit processing to flower rosin pressing.


Made using the best ingredients of the season, brought together in recipes created by our global community of renowned chef collaborators, legacy growers, and leading geneticists. Seasonal Delights are available in limited quantities and for a short period of time.

Nünchi Boba Mixed Citrus Oolong Nünchi Boba Mixed Citrus Oolong
Nünchi Boba Mixed Citrus Oolong
A blend of Bernard Ranches’ citrus–orange, grapefruit, lemon–with a hint of bergamot is paired with a Ruby Oolong from San Francisco-based Song Tea and infused with Hammerhead Banana (indica) from the Rose Farm.

Two recipes come together in one box, with 2.5 mg of THC per Delight. Eat one at a time or squish two together.


Low-dose Singles are designed for incremental dosing, infused with a single miligram of single-strain flower rosin. A great option for microdosing, edible-beginners, or those looking to find their sweet spot.

Singles - Indica Singles - Indica
Singles - Indica
A perfect introduction to Rose quality. Singles indica are the only flower rosin-infused low dose edible designed for THC sensitive people. Made with locally grown Grenache grapes pressed in-house.

Singles feature a “Skin Contact” Sonoma County grown Grenache grape juice.


Rose Flower is sun grown in open air and cultivated using exclusively organic inputs, never any synthetic nutrients. It exists to support regenerative agricultural systems and a network of independently owned multi-generational family farms.

Super Lemon Mac - Sativa
Super Lemon Mac - Sativa
Super Lemon Mac is a 28.38% THC sativa with bright and citrusy notes, delivering a strong buzz. This flower was grown by Rose Farm, a crucial part of our effort to create a closed-loop edible where we can cultivate produce and cannabis for our seasonal releases.
Gush Mints - Indica
Gush Mints - Indica
Gush Mints is a heavy THC indica with a deep petrol nose and elusive floral notes. It has peppery dry-pull with an earthy, rich and creamy smoke. These plants were grown at the Rose farm using nothing but organic inputs and finished with molasses and compost tea.
Kappuccino - Hybrid
Kappuccino - Hybrid
Kappuccino is a 28.2% THC hybrid strain bred and grown by Moon Gazer Farms in Mendocino. All of their flower is sun grown from seed in a diverse garden. Their offering allows for high-quality smokeable flower that reflects the rich ecosystem it touches throughout its life.
Iced Caramel - Sativa
Iced Caramel - Sativa
An impressive sativa from Elkhorn Ranch, 24.9% THC. Elkhorn Ranch is a family owned and operated farm nestled in the Mendocino Mountains. They produce sun grown cannabis, herbs, vegetables, and lambs under regenerative farming practices.

Rose Flower is seasoned by the warm California breeze that passes through it in and the vigor of the mineral-rich soil it grows from.