Bar Part Time 'Boxed Wine'

Infused with Orange Daiquiri flower rosin (hybrid) from LitHouse



Boxed Wine is a blend of Sangiovese and Viognier grapes grown by our friend, Brent Mayeux, who makes some of Bar Part Time’s favorite California wines. Originally grown in the Rhône Valley, the textured and aromatic Viognier grapes were picked earlier than most, giving them an acidic backbone that is also lush, so they’re perfumed without tasting too “old lady”.

Orange blossom, honeysuckle, and marmalade are some standout flavors here. It’s not super common to find Sangiovese grapes in California so these grown at high elevation in the Santa Cruz mountains are something pretty special. They were brought to our kitchen after being partially fermented so we got a nice sloshy mix of wine and juice to add to the recipe.


Blossum Bluff Orchards, Hudson Hemp, Bernard Ranches


5mg THC

0mg CBD



water, tapioca syrup*, cane sugar*, grapes, non-gmo potato starch, MCT coconut oil*, hemp flower rosin, non-gmo citric acid, kosher salt* coating: tapioca starch*, powdered sugar*.
*certified organic

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