Ojo Rojo

Infused with Peanut Butter Souffle flower rosin from Doc Family Farms



The idea for this recipe began with a phone call from Enrique Olvera. He called to propose a michelada recipe, but to replace the bitterness from the beer with the sweet, bitter flavor of flower and wanted them to be called “Ojo Rojo”. Later that day he texted an image of bloodshot eyes.

Recently, Enrique has been serving these as a final course at some of his private dinners.


Doc Family Farms


5mg THC

0mg CBD



Tomatoes, lime juice, jalapeños, cane sugar, tapioca syrup, non-gmo potato starch, mct coconut oil, non-gmo citric acid, cannabis flower rosin, kosher salt. Coating: celery, salt

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